Health Care

  • Health care costs should be transparent.  The cost of procedures, facilities and medication should be clear and easily understood.
  • Birth control should be easily accessible and affordable. 
  • Testing should be done when required but not duplicated. Previous tests should be accessible to all specialists without having to be repeated.
  • Consolidation of hospitals and medical practices reduces competition and should be regulated or eliminated.


  • Schools and faculty should be held accountable.  Failing schools are not acceptable.
  • Scholarships funded by donations through dollar-for-dollar tax credits could be given to qualified students.
  • Vocational training should be reintroduced to all high schools and accessible to all students.


  • The path to citizenship should be followed according to the law.
  • Our national borders should be secured and protected.
  • Sanctuary cities should forfeit all federal funding.
  • Individuals not in this country legally who are convicted of crimes should be deported immediately.
  • Abiding by our laws should be a requirement in becoming a citizen.

Second Amendment

  • Background and mental health checks should be required when obtaining a weapon.
  • There should be national open carry with a defined process for obtaining permits.
  • Harsher penalties should be imposed for illegal possession of fire arms.
  • Harsher penalties should be imposed on crimes commited with fire arms.

Other Issues

  • Term limits should be in place.
  • Transportation is a problem in our rapidly growing district. Improving safety and commute times will be a priority.
  • The deficit needs to be reduced.  Representatives should be held accountable for their spending. 
  • Benefits should be improved for veterans and first responders.