Kenneth was born in 1965 and raised in Northeast  Baltimore City.  His working-class parents provided a loving and caring environment for Kenneth and his younger brother.  His father, an electrician and Vietnam Era Veteran, and his mother, a state employee with the Department of the Environment, stressed the importance of family values and consistently following through on commitments.

In 1987, a few years after graduating from Baltimore's Patterson High School, Kenneth was accepted into the Baltimore City Fire Department.  Upon graduating from the Fire Academy he was assigned to one of Baltimore's busiest responding units, Engine 13 as a Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician.  During that time, Kenneth was featured in a documentary by the Discovery Channel called, "Streets of Fire" that highlighted the efforts of his company to meet the high demand for fire service in urban Baltimore City.

Through the course of his 20 years of service, Kenneth took on ever increasing responsibilities.  He received numerous awards for outstanding service and exemplary performance in responding to critical and often life threatening emergencies.

Before his retirement from the department, Kenneth acquired a Maryland Home Improvement Commission contractor/salesman license and built his own home improvement business with his wife.  They continue to successfully operate their small business today. 



Married in 1994, the Lees moved from Baltimore City to Calvert County in the year 2000. They are the parents of three children, two teenage boys who are in public high school, and a daughter who is away at college.  Currently, they live on a farm with their numerous rescue and farm animals.  They started planting Christmas trees in the spring of 2017, and are tending the field while the trees grow and mature.  They enjoy the outdoors, traveling in their RV and spending time together as a family. 

In late 2018, while still living in Baltimore City, Kenneth's parents both developed severe medical conditions.  Kenneth moved them both into his home, caring for his mother during her terminal battle with cancer.  Kenneth continues to be the main caregiver for his father, who now resides with the family on a permanent bases.


committed to community service

Kenneth continues to devote time and energy to the community, participating in Baltimore City and Huntingtown cleanup campaigns.  The entire Lee family has spent many years in animal rescue helping dogs, cats, horses, and wildlife.  Kenneth spent several seasons as a volunteer coach for youth soccer teams, and has taken part in set construction for hight school theater productions.  His is a retired member of the Baltimore City Fire Fighters Union and the International Association of Fire Fighters.