Commissioner of Academics

👋 Hey! I'm Kenny Kantisiri!

I am running for Commissioner of Academics! I look forward into engaging with YOU to produce the most healthy academic environment at North! I believe that I hold what it takes to lead the academic environment at North, but look below to see for yourself!

My Introduction...

I have always seen myself as a leader, always considerate of others at all times. Throughout my life, I have strived to promote a healthy environment everywhere I go. This is what I plan to do as Commissioner of Academics, as I heavily move to lead students to their full upmost academic potential. Through being in Student Council for 3 years in middle school, being in a leadership position in JROTC, and assisting the Junior Class as a part of Class Council, I have learned what it takes to lead others. I plan to use my experience as a LEADER to lead the academic environment here at North.

As Commissioner of Academics, I would...

Work to heavily encourage a productive academic environment!

I want to focus on YOU as Commissioner of Academics.

I will work alongside teachers, administrators, and the numerous clubs here on campus. My goal is to make academics an enjoyable experience, while heavily promoting students to achieve as high as possible!

Here's just a few of things I want to do (Click each one!):
As Commissioner of Academics, I would introduce academic workshops such as helping Seniors with college applications, but also guiding underclassmen throughout their academic journey as they work to achieve their goals!
As Commissioner of Academics, I would also introduce academic achievements awarding student for their academic success. With a goal to promote a healthy academic environment, I believe introducing awards will push students to their limits!
Teachers and students LOVE Mind Madness! As Commissioner of Academics, I would push and plan for numerous of other events throughout the school year, where these students can showcase their academic knowledge!
Not everyone has the benefit of always being able to enjoy a quiet place to study or the time and ability to do all their homework. Many students have struggles when it comes to academics. Throughout the year, I wish to do my best in addressing these struggles, and finding possible solutions, as I boost a productive academic environment.

Let's boost North's Academic Environment and vote me, KENNY KANTISIRI as your first Commissioner of Academics!